German neo-Nazis want to organize a civil guard at the border with Poland to prevent migrants from the Middle East who have managed to reach the European Union from Belarus.

A delivery bus carrying 34 migrants. Arrest near the Polish-German border

Police officers from Kostrzyn nad Odrą (Lubuskie District), in cooperation with officers from the Nadodrzański Border Guard Unit, stopped a delivery bus on Tuesday, in …

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The daily Berliner Zeitung writes about the intentions of the neo-Nazi party, The Third Way. Next Saturday night near Gubin in Brandenburg on the border with Poland There should be civilian patrols.

All this to stop illegal immigrants who managed to cross the Polish-Belarusian border, and destined for Germany and other Western European countries. Since August, more than 4,500 people have illegally crossed the Polish-German border, mostly from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Iran.

The magazine reported that the third method appeals to its followers to go to the frontier. “Please bring waterproof and dark clothing and shoesFlashlights: headlights, standard and possibly night vision” – reports the “Berliner Zeitung”.

Illegal immigrants detained at the Polish-German border

Officers from Świecko (Lubuskie District) arrested 10 Iraqi citizens and four Iranian citizens who were in Poland …

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The paper claims that “it can be assumed that violent behavior will occur” due to “neo-Nazis.” You might try to use what’s called a “push back”, No payment of immigrants abroad.

“The model for them is similar actions that have taken place at the EU border in Croatia in recent months. Masked migrants from Bosnia were reportedly beaten to stop them. The Polish parliament voted on Thursday to legalize the return of migrants at the border with Belarus, writes the Berliner newspaper Zeitung.

Police confirmed that they are monitoring the activities of a group of neo-Nazis. “We agree on this matter with the relevant authorities in the state of Brandenburg and the state police,” said a spokesman for the German Federal Police.

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