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October 20, 2021, 01:00

Many Starlinek customers who made deposits to join the waiting list started complaining. Elon Musk is accused of not punctuality and lack of communication.

Elon Musk’s satellite internet has been around for a month now Available in PolandBut due to the limited number of satellites it is being introduced gradually. People who want to queue up for this technology must pay a $100 deposit, ensuring instant access to the cosmic internet when possible. As it turns out, Month-long fulfillment of orders and no communication from SpaceX prompted many customers to withdraw their reservations.

service from the inside I managed to reach many of these people. They included John Doran of Montana and Ilker Timmer who live on a schooner outside of Seattle. Both placed an order for Internet Starlink in February of this year The company has not contacted them once since, so they withdrew the deposit. Ben Mills, a resident of Idaho, was in a similar situation:

I felt like I was giving my money to scammers; The insider told the site that it definitely must be a fake Starlink.

Starlink with a giant operation

Satellite Internet opens up completely new possibilities. Source: OMG Nepal.

What is stated above is life in environments where traditional forms of Internet distribution are very limited. So satellite internet is the best way for them to enjoy broadband access. In March, SpaceX submitted a request to the Federal Attachments Commission on the matter Connection Starlink Internet for transportation, including ships and planes.

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Said James Yenbamrong, President and Founder of Mu Space (Satellite Internet Provider in Southeast Asia) SpaceX’s problems meeting deadlines are due to global problems Bracco Chebo. The components in the terminals (the antennas connected to the satellites) for Starlink users come from the same product line as the chips installed, among other things, in cars.

Starlink with giant operation

In May, a German national was able to raise this internet score from Elon Musk. Officially, speeds should be between 50 and 150MB/s at the moment. rdo:

Hans Koenigsmann, former Vice President of SpaceX thinks so The problem is that the number of stations far exceeds the number of available satellites. According to him, the company should aim to increase the production of the latter.

It should be noted that there are no major problems with the withdrawal itself. According to the company’s previous promises, The Starlink Internet beta test sites were scheduled to expand in mid or late 2021. Sam Elon Musk recently Expect Exiting the testing phase for the month of October.

Starlink is not the only satellite internet service, but it is the most famous This is mainly due to the satellite’s low orbit, resulting in surprisingly low latency (For this technology of course). Therefore, building a loyal customer base should be a priority for the company.