Social media giant Facebook has agreed to pay a $14.25 million fine for discriminating against Americans applying for a job at the company, according to US authorities. The amount is determined by agreement between the parties to the dispute, Facebook and the federal government.

German minister wants to tighten restrictions on Facebook

Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht wants to tighten restrictions on Facebook after reports of its business practices.

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According to US officials, Facebook’s hiring policy violates federal hiring rules. As a result of the negotiations, two agreements were reached with the Ministries of Justice and Labor.

Last December, the Justice Department accused Facebook of preferential treatment by hiring temporary foreign workers at the expense of Americans.

“Facebook is not above the law,” said Sima Nanda, director of legal affairs.

Assistant US Attorney Christine Clark The agreement with Facebook as historic. The amount charged to the company was called the largest civil penalty under anti-discrimination law in the 35-year history of Immigration and Citizenship Act (INA).

Authorities in Washington also accused Facebook of a “potential violation of employment rules.”

They want to blur the boundaries with the virtual world. Facebook will employ 10,000 people in the European Union

Facebook announced a plan to recruit 10 thousand in the European Union of specialists to work on the creation of metaversum, that is, the virtual …

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While we firmly believe that we adhere to federal government standards (…) we have reached agreements to end the ongoing conflict and move forward, a Facebook spokesperson explained. As he added, the company will continue to hire the best employees from the USA and around the world.

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American tech blog Verge reported it Facebook intends to adopt a new name and modify its services and products.

According to Verge, the president of the giant, Mark Zuckerberg, will announce this on October 28 at the company’s annual conference. However, the project may be revealed earlier. Facebook later said it did not comment on “rumours or speculation.”

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