As of 2020, Munich police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office are looking for Jan Marsalka, a former member of Wirecard’s board of directors, suspected of embezzling funds of up to 3.1 billion euros. It is the largest economic scandal of this kind in German history. According to “Bild”, Angela Merkel, while in office, obtained information that the criminal, wanted under an international arrest warrant, was hiding under the watchful eyes of Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

“We talked about it, Merkel.” Morawiecki on German TV about sanctions against Russia

In an interview with German ARD TV, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stressed that the effects of Western sanctions against Russia are not yet clear. for him…

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Jan Marsalek escaped on June 19, 2020. From the Voslau airport near Vienna, a small Cessna plane flew to Minsk in Belarus. According to the co-pilot, a bus was waiting for the former Wirecard manager who had brought him in. This is where the Marsalk Trail ends.

According to the German newspaper, the first indications of the presence of the wanted fraudster in Russia appeared at the German embassy in Moscow in early 2021. According to the newspaper Soon, the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) received an offer from the Russian FSB.

Putin’s service offered the Germans a meeting and interview with Marsalka. The BND headquarters in Berlin was informed of the offer with a report asking for instructions on whether and how the meeting and questioning of the billionaire fraud should take place.

Then the devices were supposed to know where the fugitive was. Marsalk lived in a gated community, about 25 kilometers from the Kremlin, where he probably lives to this day. According to information received from “Bild”, it is under the auspices of Putin’s FSB.

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However, the BND headquarters did not respond to a question from their officials in Moscow Passing information about the show to Chancellor Merkel’s office, and more specifically to Section VII – dealing with the coordination of the intelligence services. As BILD confirms, that was the case While the Chancellery was preparing to testify before Angela Merkel before the Wirecard Inquiry Committee in the Bundestag.

Interestingly, the information about the offer to meet and talk with the wanted fraudster was not passed on to the Bavarian investigative bodies dealing with the case. Only routine and vague information was given about the “Long Road in Moscow” as the lair of a billionaire scammer.

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