Camogli is one of the fictional towns on the Ligurian coast. The colorful houses, green hills, and turquoise waters of Golfo Paradiso and Paradise Bay, as well as its proximity to the famous Portofino (the city is 14 km away) attract crowds of tourists all year round. Those who decide to visit Camogli on Monday, February 22nd, experience a horrific sight.

Part of the tomb collapsed into the sea with the coffins that then floated on the surface of Paradise Bay. According to Italian media, about 200 graves have been destroyed. Fire brigades and other services arrived to immediately repair the damage. Some of the coffins fell on the seashore under the cliff – the photos are heartbreaking.

The cemetery is located 50 meters above the water. The landslide also destroyed two churches with bodies inside. Many coffins are stuck in rocks and soil displaced by the landslide and their recovery is now described as complex.

The sight of coffins floating on the water caused panic among tourists and residents. Determining the causes of the breakdown is in progress. It makes sense to say that it was washed off. The cliff erosion below the cemetery area has likely been made worse by violent storms that have hit Liguria in recent years.

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