Square Enix has recently enjoyed a growing number of interesting remasters, but does their number also follow a sufficiently high quality? Experts have taken a look at the new version of the iconic Chrono Cross and they have some pretty bad news for us.

It turns out that creating updated versions of popular classics from the first PlayStation era is more difficult than we think. The Digital Foundry team had a chance to take a look at Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition and examine the game from the technical side, because it’s really interesting how the new version is about 23 years old.

In order not to cheat, we have to write directly – Chrono Cross was already very demanding for the first PlayStation, so in 1999 the game sometimes ran even at 10-15 frames per second, so we have to remember it. However, after this title is reworked, especially on powerful hardware like the PS4 or the Nintendo Switch, we’re expecting all-new quality, and even that steady 60fps. Unfortunately, it turns out that for Square Enix this is a very high demand and the company is satisfied with the update, which has exactly the same liquidity problems as the original, and even worse in places! Where the original PSX ran at 25-27 frames, the optimizer in the new graphics mode shows up at 20+, and during battles this value can reach around 12-15 fps, which is really outrageous.

However, the solution might be to turn on classic mode, it’s a little better but still dynamic, not locked, frame rate for this position is absolutely wrong. Have you already bought and play the new Chrono Cross?

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