Kevin McCarthy met Donald Trump in the former mansion President Mar Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. A statement issued after the meeting indicated that Donald Trump card Intends to play an active role in politics.

Donald Trump met the Republican leader

Today, President Trump pledged to assist the Republican candidates in elections Act Senate And the House of Representatives in 2022 “- he wrote affirming that the meeting was held in a cordial and friendly atmosphere. The statement read:“ President Trump has never been so popular.

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All of Donald Trump’s money. Hitting the “Trump brand” wouldn’t be the worst

After supporters of Donald Trump stormed Congress on January 6, many Republicans expressed disapproval of the former president and blamed him for inciting the crowd. Lately, that criticism has subsided. Kevin McCarthy himself said Donald Trump was jointly responsible for the Capitol riots, but after criticism from the former president, he withdrew from this assessment.

Depending probe Gallup, when Donald Trump left office, he won the approval of 34% of Americans – the lowest percentage since he took office. But in the Republican Party, the former president’s rankings are still very high, as high as 80% in some polls.

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