March 13, 2021, 07:00

If things go without surprises, the new Polish Army Square will be in use early next year – the MZD promises in Bielsko Biaa. The square is divided into three areas. The friendly and attractive public space aims to encourage relaxation and joint participation in the cultural and educational life of the city. All refer to the historical character of this part of Bielsko Biaa.

Design work is underway, which will change the character and appearance of Wojska Polskiego Square and ul. Senyarska. The Municipal Roads Authority of Bielsko Biawa has not only invited architects and city planners, but also services that will take care of safety here in the future and organize shows, concerts and other events, to collaborate in developing the concept of this region.

The possibility of installing an accidental sight

The Polish Army Square was divided into three regions. The first is the area along the buildings’ east and west facades. There will be a tape 10 meters wide in which trees will be planted. The facades of the buildings will be decorated with additional plantings of climbing plants on an independent supporting structure. There will also be a pedestrian walkway along which summer gardens can be created.

In the second zone – near the center of the square – there will be a 4-meter-wide strip that creates a fire path to apartment houses. The adjacent space will be filled with low greenery enclosed by a wall and small architectural elements. The third zone is the central part of the square with a decorative fountain, electronic piano, and a stylized clock. A multifunctional space will be dedicated to organizing special events, concerts or exhibitions with the possibility of occasional installation of a podium with a front manager. A plaque showing the historic location of the town hall, city scales, and a water pump to be installed in the floor. New trees will appear on the north side of the square.

The return of the historical path of the street

The investment will also accompany the rebuilding of the mujahideen. Sinarska. A car park will be built along the route. The street will be returned to its historical path. Visually, it will be more “erect”, and planting more trees will recreate the virtual western façade. Since the terrain at this place will be reduced to one level, stylized columns will appear between the street and Plac Wojska Polskiego, separating the car traffic from the pedestrians.

The surface of the square and Cyniarska Street will be adjusted to the height of ul. November 11. The square will be illuminated by stylized lanterns indicating the style of those in the Mujahideen. November 11. The surrounding green spaces will also be highlighted, which will be linked to an automatic irrigation system using rainwater collected in special underground tanks.

Preparations are underway to announce the tender, and construction work is scheduled for the second half of the year. Retrofit work on Aqua and Therma should be carried out earlier.


Visualization: MZD at Bielsko Biaa

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