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The ship is stuck in the Neckar

The Neckar River near the town of Hirshorn in southern Hesse became free again. A ship about 100 meters long can be towed to the shore. It is still not clear if it caused any harm.

The stranded vessel was successfully towed to a mooring in the Neckar on Tuesday afternoon. Waterways and the responsible shipping office confirmed this upon request. The portal was initially reported.

Empty ships are allowed to sail the Neckar again at this point, but laden ships have not yet been released. The shipping authority first wants to use sonar to check if lane damage has occurred.

The docking attempt failed

The ship, about 100 meters long, has been stuck between the banks of the Neckar River in Eberbach in Baden-Württemberg near the Hessian Hirschhorn (Neckar) on Bergstrasse since Monday evening. The captain wanted the ship, which was laden with about 1,800 tons of salt, to be moored at the former gravel loading point. The ship capsized across the river.

The first rescue attempts at night and in the morning failed. The Eberbach Road Bridge is temporarily closed for this purpose.

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