He issued an urgent warning to Vodafone and three monthly paying mobile or broadband customers who are signing up for a new deal or upgrading their existing contract.

The The giants of the mobile network They plan to introduce sharp price increases next year, after making changes to their terms and conditions.

Customers on the network who agreed to a new deal on or after October 29, 2020, and Vodafone users who signed up or upgraded from December 9, 2020, will experience a “price spike in 2021”.

But Three and Vodafone aren’t the only mobile and broadband operators that increase tariffs and price plans each year – and these are usually announced in line with published inflation figures.

BT, EE and Plusnet announced their price changes in September shortly after the UK government confirmed that inflation for the month was only 0.5% higher.

However, consumer champ Martin Lewis and his team of financial journalists in the I recently reported seeing “a price shift from large networks, as the bills of many new clients and contractors are set to increase by more than inflation in 2021.”

How are the prices for Vodafone and Three change?

The It breaks down the changes for consumers so they easily understand how they might be affected.

Three mobile and broadband customers

Three will raise prices in April by 4.5% for monthly payment customers who enter into or renew a new deal from October 29, 2020 onwards.

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This affects all monthly paying customers, including those with mobile phone contracts, SIM-only deals, mobile broadband, and home broadband.

The price hikes will be implemented annually, which means bills are set to rise 4.5% in April 2022 as well – and every year after that.

Are you now how much your mobile phone will cost you in the long run? He has a warning for three existing customers: “It should be noted that if you are one of the current three customers and upgrade to a new contract on October 29, 2020 or later, you will be affected in practice by two price increases over a period of 12 months, as all three monthly paying customers have experienced Already an inflationary price hike this year in May.

“If you signed a new or renewed deal with Three recently before October 29, 2020, this price increase will not apply to you. Instead, next April, your bill will only rise due to inflation, as it did in May (this will be based on a metric Retail Price Index Inflation, January 2021).

Vodafone Mobile and Broadband customers

Vodafone will raise prices next April with inflation + 3.9% for postpaid customers entering or renewing a new deal from December 9, 2020 onwards. He explains: “This affects all monthly paying customers, including those with mobile phone contracts, chip-only broadband deals, home broadband offers, tablets, Apple, Samsung Watch, OneNumber for Watch, and Vodafone Basics. Once again, it will apply.” Prices are rising annually, so inflation-led bills will rise plus another 3.9% in April 2022 as well, and thereafter annually.

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“If you sign a new deal or renew with Vodafone before December 9, 2020, this price increase will not apply to you. Instead, next April, your bill will only rise due to inflation, as it did this year (this will be based on a scale Inflation in the retail price index for March 2021.

Price hike warning to all mobile phone customers It also states that many companies regularly increase prices in the middle of the decade – they are allowed to do so as long as they warn customers during the registration or renewal phase, but until this year, price increases in the middle of the decade were usually only at the rate of inflation.

The noticeable change now is that some companies are starting to stabilize prices above inflation, which means that your bills will rise more sharply.

Martin Lewis and his team have an urgent warning for mobile customers He warns that pending price changes should not prevent customers from registering or upgrading their existing contract with Three or Vodafone, but he does urge consumers to consider additional expenses to ensure their new contract does not leave them in their pockets in the future.

You can read full details of the price hikes on Here.

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