Clothes, shoes, furniture, hygiene products, cosmetics, electrical and electronic appliances It can’t be destroyed Producers and distributorsIf it is not sold, in line with new regulations introduced in France, BFMTV reported on Sunday.

Charity foundations They hope that thanks to the new law, they will get more goods, as producers and stores will have to dispose of them without damaging them, according to a BFMTV report.

“There are already more gifts this year as some companies prepare to enforce these laws,” says the manager. A gift from The Nature Agency, Roman Kanler. He explains that his association receives products from about 200 companies and donates them to a network of 1,300 people. charitable organizations.

To avoid wasting goods, producers will now have to Sell ​​cheaper or recycle their goods or decide to cut production, BFMTV explains.

“Over the past two years, brands have been learning to anticipate demand in order to produce exactly as many goods that can be sold,” says Johan Pettiot, director of the Trade Association.

In addition, under the new regulations, from the beginning of 2022, plastic packaging for fruits and vegetables in French stores must be replaced with other materials that can be subjected to them. recycled.

Only delicate fruit can be wrapped inside plasticBut that will also change in the next few years.

Newspapers, weekly magazines and magazines also cannot be filled with plastic, and fast food restaurants will not be able to offer plastic utensils for children.

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The French government has estimated that the new regulations will reduce the use of plastic packaging by about one billion pieces annually.