Recently, a massive sandstorm swept through Dunhuang City. A high wall of sand rolled over the area and made the sky yellow-orange. Recordings of this phenomenon have hit the net.

Dunhuang is a city with county rights in China, in Gansu Province, with a population of over 190,000. population. Recently, they have been struggling with the consequences of a sandstorm over the area.

A wall of sand 100 meters high reached the city and visibility was limited. The sky turned orange, and the residents had trouble noticing anything more than 5 meters away. Recordings of the phenomenon have been posted online.

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A city in China was hit by a sandstorm. A wall of sand 100 meters high spread over the area

In recent days, a sandstorm has occurred over one of the regions of China. It has caused a lot of trouble to the residents. A wall of sand 100 meters high reached Dunhuang City, greatly limiting the view.

The sky turned yellow-orange and you could not see anything more than 5 meters away. Drivers traveling on highways at that time especially complained about this situation. Everyone had to slow down the weather phenomenon significantly or even wait. According to the TVN Meteo portal, at one point the police were ordered to leave this street.

Recordings showing what a sandstorm in China might look like have been posted online.

Dust storms hit China regularly. Sand moves here mainly from Mongolia, incl. from the Gobi desert. Phenomena of this kind are mainly exacerbated by climate change.

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Source: TVN Meteo