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Bobk and the girl Kaika

As a rule, Bobk protects his privacy and tries not to show his loved ones. There were moments, when he decided to introduce his long-term partner, whom he calls “Kaika”, to the public. The artist and athlete met the partner and mother of their children many years ago. Catarzyna seems to be very supportive of him, although she showed her temper for her time.

Your bobc rarely shows his loved ones. Although his social media profiles do not lack material from his private life, the exceptions are those that appear to his family. However, in the past, there were several recordings, where we can see, among other things, the partner of the rapper and MMA fighter. Kaika, as she is called in her pop videos, met the youth idol many years ago during a concert in Great Britain. The pair had their ups and downs, but Bobke actually commented that he was doing everything to right his mistakes and it seemed to work. And the most popular is that the pictures from “Dancing with the Stars” became a legend, when the athlete after one of the performances approached the chosen one and gave her a kiss.

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Katarzina – Bob’s Girlfriend – Temperamental

We got to know Katarzyna thanks to some videos on the web. One of them goes back to years ago, when Bobek competed at KSW 37 with Marius Budzjanovsky. After the defeat, Bobek and his partner sat in front of the camera and it turned out that the artist had the full support of the closest person. However, other recordings show that Kaśka has a wonderful temperament and does not utter words. Details can be found in the gallery below!

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