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Large forest fire in Lüdenscheid: 200 firefighters from across the region have been battling the blaze in Volmetal for hours. The process continues until night. B54 is blocked.

Update from 10:26 PM: For a good six hours, firefighters from the entire Märkisch region have been battling wildfires over the B54 in Lüdenscheid. Late Sunday evening, not everything could be revealed yet. The process will continue into the night. Travelers should expect delays in traffic on Monday morning, especially on the B54. The fire brigade’s mobile operations center is currently located there.

city Luedenscheid
Surface 86.73 km²
to rise 423 AD

Update from 8:48 PM: Now there are the first official figures regarding the fire. According to information from the fire brigade, 35,000 square meters of forest are currently being burned in Lüdenscheid on a slope above Federal Road B54 between the Oedenthal and Bruges intersections.

Forest fires in Lüdenscheid: a 35,000 square meter fire – 200 forces in action

At 4.30 pm, the main station of the Lüdenscheid fire brigade was alerted. At 4.45 pm, the city alarm was called. In the meantime (as of 8 pm), 200 emergency services operate from Lüdenscheid and from the county of Märkisch. Police and DRK are also on site.

“The fire is not yet fully under control, but we are on the right track,” said fire chief Christopher Rennert. In addition to firefighting work on the steep slope, walkways are now cut to prevent the fire from spreading to adjacent woodland areas.

Forest fires in Lüdenscheid: Firefighters from all over the MK in action

Update from 8:21 PM: The staging area was established at Schützenplatz Hohe Steinert in Lüdenscheid. From there, firefighters are sent to work. Yet next to the Lüdenscheider already extinguished the fire Fire brigades from Halver, Menden, Hemer and Neuenrade are in Lüdenscheid, and the Iserlohn fire brigade has just arrived with about ten vehicles. Also from Meinerzhagen and Altena are now found in Lüdenscheid.

Update from 7pm: Finally, enough emergency vehicles full of water arrived at the fire site in the forest. There is also a turntable ladder from Bruges on site, and the Lüdenscheid fire brigade is receiving further support from neighboring municipalities. Among other things, the fire brigade from Halver and the so-called supra-local water supply from Menden, Hemer and Neuenrade were alerted to support the water supply to fight the fires. Provincial fire chiefs are now also involved in managing operations.

Forest fires in Lüdenscheid: reinforcement of the fire brigade, help from the air

The winds are also favorable at the moment, so that the flames do not threaten to spread to the neighboring grove of dried spruce. The police support the firefighters with a helicopter. Bumblebee explores fire from the air. In addition, drones were ordered from Nachrodt.

In addition, the Volmestrasse between the intersections of Oedenthaler Strasse, Loenbacher Landstrasse and Oedenthaler Strasse has been completely closed by police. The DRK moves from Lüdenscheid and Halver to provide emergency services.

Earlier in the week there was a file Large forest fire at Bommecketal in Plettenberg She kept firefighters from the Marquess area on the alert.

Forest fire in Lüdenscheid: city alarm went off, B54 . closed

[Erstmeldung] Lüdenscheid – Around 4.30pm on Sunday (August 14) in Lüdenscheid, another forest fire was reported and a city alert was sounded for the Lüdenscheid fire brigade. yet already A piece of forest burned in Lüdenscheid on Friday evening According to the preliminary results, a fire broke out in a wooded area near the Nöllenhammer site in Volmestraße (B54) between Bruges and Schalksmühle.

Oedenthaler Straße is also closed.
Oedenthaler Straße is also closed. © Cornelius Popovici

It is assumed that the fire spread from the main road to the former deforested spruce slope in the direction of Odenthal and Othlenhausen. The wind was so unfavorable that it pushed the fire up the slope towards the forest. The fire had already spread to the trees there.

Firefighters checked out a log hut standing on top of the cliff at this point. Nobody got hurt there.

There is a fire in the forest area between Volmestraße and Oedenthal.
There is a fire in the forest area between Volmestraße and Oedenthal. © Cornelius Popovici

The Lüdenscheid fire brigade is currently attacking the flames from all sides in order to bring the flames under control. Meanwhile, alarm was also sounded at Schalksmühle and Halver. However, the water supply appears to be a problem, with military forces having to withdraw in some places.

The supply of emergency services in the forest with the tanker through Oedenthal does not work because the approach to the site is very steep. Instead, the regeneration process must be organized via Othlinghausen. However, the approach is not color-coded here.

In the forest area, emergency services are urgently waiting to turn off the water supply
In the forest area, emergency services are urgently waiting to turn off the water supply. jpg © Cedric Nougrigat

Two farmers drive towards the tanks with their tractors so that they can find a place to work in the forest area. Meanwhile, in the forest, the emergency services are urgently waiting for the water supply – and they have to withdraw more than the flames.

Another car has since arrived. However, water reserves may not be sufficient. A helicopter has arrived at the site.

Forest fires in Lüdenscheid: blocking the A45 bypass

The police have Federal Road B54, which is an important diversion road A 45The closure is completely closed to traffic in the area where the fire brigade is deployed.

will keep you posted.

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