Exclusive homes with bunkers are built here |

Gotchalk villa flattened!

Inning / Ammersee – The former villa of TV Dino Thomas Gottschalk (72, “Wetten, dass…”) has disappeared. Excavators have now flattened it.

In Steger Berg in Inning (Bavaria), above Lake Ammer, only a trampoline in the park reminds us of the eminent resident who lived with his family in “Villa Weiss” in the 1980s, with his wife Thea and children splashing in a pond. Until he moved to California (USA) at the turn of the millennium.

The current owners, two investors who wish to remain anonymous, purchased the property from Gottschalk’s brother Christoph.

They have nine luxury villas with fireplaces and indoor swimming pools built on an area of ​​25 hectares. Exclusive homes should cost 6.2 million euros (BILD reported).

Estimated sales value for the entire region: 50 million euros.

Many real estate brokers are currently offering villas. With the offer to buyers to build a bunker. This makes the construction project one of the first in Bavaria to introduce new buildings with protective bunkers.

Villa Vice has not been under the protection of the monuments, but it has shaped the landscape of Enning for more than 70 years.

Photo: private

Online brokers declare like this: “It is possible to incorporate your own shelters.” A real estate agent assures BILD that these can be above-ground panic rooms, but also underground shelters from air raids. The customer is king!

Little new appeared

Where the small tower “Villa Vice” stood on its throne more than 70 years ago, today the excavator stands in front of a huge mountain of sand. Digging a hole has already begun.

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Not much was left of the splendor of the past days! Jewish furniture maker Emanuel Weiss used to live here, then film producer Hermann Basler and later the Gottschalk family.

According to the broker, construction of the villas will start later this year. Completion is scheduled for 2023/2024.