On social media, Jennette’s Pier showed pictures of a fish with human teeth and a happy fisherman who would succeed. He told the BBC he was an ordinary widow in Nags Head, North Carolina, had a dull hope when he could do it, and finally came face to face with “a mouth full of teeth”.

This creature that can be a bit scary is the Sargus sheep (ARCOSARGUS PROBATOCEPHALUS). Plus, when we look at her lips, an association with a sheep’s mouth comes to mind, and that’s probably where the name comes from.

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60% of Poles believe that fish is not meat. Is he right?

Internet users have fun

The image of an extraordinary fish aroused enthusiasm among Internet users. There were a lot of funny comments under the post:

“Is this where dentures come from?”

This fish has better teeth than me.

May I order this fish?

Grandma, what are your big teeth!

“Wdrujcy Klops” possesses hidden power. It is unique in the animal world

On the east coast United States of America and the Gulf of Mexico

Sargus sheepdog belongs to a pram-like fish. It reaches 76 cm in length and 50 cm in height. It is most common on the east coast of the United States and the Gulf of Mexico. It feeds on oysters and small oysters as well as crabs and other crustaceans, and strong teeth are sure to be useful for this. This individual is also famous for its distinctive color. It is characterized by “insight” lines.

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“You need a license to enjoy me in the salt water. He enjoys spending time near rocks, piers, reefs and even a pier. I’m also a well-known junkie for my black and white stripes. The coolest thing about me? Human incisors and molars. Like you love shrimp and oysters”- He writes in a light style on Edukacja.rocs.pl.

The new trend inSwing on the power knot. “Future Darwin Prize Winners”

perverted individuals

In the South China Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, you can also find fish that are sharpened with teeth, they are individuals of the species of trigger fish. And although they feed mainly on plankton, sea urchins, algae or small fish, meeting them was no more pleasant. They are very aggressive and have attacked people several times. It is dangerous for divers because their teeth may pierce the wetsuit.

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