For several weeks, the Polish-American relations were dominated by the topic of “Lex TVN”, that is, the law under which TVN could lose its broadcasting license in Poland. August 4 Many US SenatorsThe committee held in the Foreign Affairs Committee issued a statement in this regard. And they warned against putting forward the project.

The former heads of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Defense write to the government

On Friday, August 6, the Open Letter to the former Secretaries of State and National Defense “On Alliance with the United States” was announced. The following are signed under the letter: Bronisław Komorowski, Bogdan Klich, Andrei Olichovsky, Janusz Oniszkiewicz, Dariush Rosati, Grzegorz ChetinaThomas Simoniak and Radoslav Sikorsky. All signatories are linked or connected to the civil platform.

Since the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and National Defense have served the Republic of Poland in the past and with a sense of special responsibility for its security, we express our grave concern about the actions of the government camp, aimed at weakening the relations of the allies with the United States.


The state of US relations with Poland. ‘Our independence is at stake’

As the former ministers emphasize, in their opinion, the three decades of an independent Poland and a free Poland are “inextricably linked with American support” and accession to NATO.

The security, democracy, and freedom of Polish citizens depend on continued friendship, alliance, and partnership with the United States, regardless of who currently rules both countries. The basis of these relations is the military and economic presence of the United States in Poland, for which successive governments have sought and are obliged to protect. ”

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At the end of the message it says:

We call on the current government to cease hostilities against American investors and to respect the core values ​​common to Western countries friendly to Poland – democracy, the rule of law and freedom of expression. Our future is at stake, our independence is at stake.

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