The Bloober team won’t disappoint PS5 owners. The Medium is just coming to PlayStation 5, but the developers have not forgotten to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the Sony platform. Players will literally feel like they are playing an adventure from Studio Krakow.

The Medium hit the Xbox Series X | S and PC at the beginning of the year, but right from the start, we can be sure Microsoft cares about temporary exclusivity. In June, the arrival of the PlayStation 5 version was confirmed, and now the developers have decided to carefully introduce the unique features that will take the job thanks to the DualSense controller.

Szymon Erdmański, Producer at Bloober Team, commented on the news with the following words:

“On PlayStation 5, we used the full potential of the DualSense controller to immerse the player in the mystery of the Niwa Hotel. Our goal was to allow players to feel Mariana’s reaction to events around her as she explores and interacts with the game world.”

The final trailer, where the creators showcase different events, shows well the use of tactile vibrations and adaptive stimuli. The equipment made for PS5 will provide gamers with a new experience, and undoubtedly, horror film makers should use equipment that allows you to feel the game in a very good way.

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