• Because of the restrictions imposed by the Kim Jong Un regime, it is not at all certain what the current situation in North Korea is.
  • Humanitarian workers have left the country, international communications and mail are not working.
  • According to anonymous sources, the crisis in Korea is deepening significantly
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Since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, North Korea’s borders have been closed. As reported by Gazeta Wyborczaand humanitarian workers from UNICEF and Red Cross. “Almost all foreign diplomats and journalists have also left the country. Even regime-friendly media, such as Russia’s TASS, no longer have correspondents there. International mail does not work”, wrote Gazeta-Ypurkza.

At the moment, the only source of information are individual and independent news portals based in South Korea. From the stories of the informants who stayed in it North Korea It appears that the situation in the country is getting worse day by day. Information provided by residents of the system is routine. The authorities do not allow the use of cell phones for fear of spying.

However, Kim Jong-un himself admitted during the last plenary session of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party that the situation in the country he ruled was tragic. The leader blamed the COVID-19 pandemic, saying, among other things, that it had led to a major crisis that put the country and the nation in great danger.

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Photo: AP / East News

Photo of Kim Jong-un taken in February 2021 (left) and June 2021. AP / AP

Local media also confirm that Kim Jong-un himself has lost a lot of weight, which is more painful than the hunger prevailing throughout the country.

5 kilos of corn per family

The remaining information from North Korea shows that more and more of the country’s population is failing to eat. – There are a lot of beggars. Lina Yun of Human Rights Watch, citing a local missionary’s account, said some people were starving in the border area.

Ishimaru Jiro of the Asian press quotes interesting reports from his sources in North Korea:

Due to the situation prevailing in the country, the government decided to use the reserves from military storage. In early June and July, each family threatened with starvation received 5 kg of corn. However, expert reports show that warehouses are slowly becoming empty.

According to “Gazeta Wyborcza”, One of the causes of the DPRK’s problems is the sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council in 2017 over its nuclear and missile programs.. The embargo has severely restricted fuel imports, making it difficult for farmers to operate. The shortage of artificial fertilizers also had its effect – the government ordered a switch to natural fertilization.

Source: Gazeta Wiborcza


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