April 4, 2022, 13:32

Patch 1.09 for Horizon: Forbidden West, which was released last week, brought with it quite a few fixes, but the most important one in the eyes of players was noticed only recently – thanks to it, the collection of loot in the game is faster.

In short:

  1. latest correction for Horizon: Forbidden West She made a sudden change that became known recently.
  2. The update allows you to turn off Aloy’s animation when picking up items, which greatly speeds up the looting process.

It first appeared last Wednesday Update Marked with the number 1.09 to Horizon: Forbidden West. The changes included in it include several fixes in the main and side tasks, which increase stability and eliminate various bugs.

Although it may seem that these are all novelties in forbidden westYou couldn’t be more mistaken. Players tested it themselves, Who fumbled with options and discovered that you can loot faster from now on.

No bend – no hassles

Until now, to pick up something from the ground, Aloy had to bend over to everything. Now as it turns out The game allows you to stop the bending motion when picking up items, as shown below Video.

By turning off the animation, picking up loot from the ground becomes faster and smoother. For players who want to keep the immersion and bend level of virtually every piece of wood or healing items in place, please make sure that disabling the animation is only optional and you can use it (or not) as you wish.

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Let’s add that turning off the animation also works when traveling on a stand and while swimming.

You can set the loot in the options, as in the screenshot below:

Aloy you don't need to bend down to loot;  Horizon players are happy with the change - Illustration #1

Source: Twitter

Players accepted this change with Gladly And convenience, considering that object selection animations – no matter how short – can be tiring in the long run if hundreds or thousands of logs are lifted from the ground during the game.

All collectors in Horizon: Forbidden West We wish you the pleasure of collecting stones, trinkets and many other curiosities.