Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang announced the strengthening of China’s combat readiness and training People’s Liberation Army (ALW)Which is developing many types of modern weapons, from low-detectable fighters to aircraft carriers, Reuters confirmed in a letter.

The Prime Minister told me that Beijing is looking for a “solution” Taiwan issues In the new era of “peaceful reunification of China”. The Communist People’s Republic of China recognizes democratically governed Taiwan as part of its territory and does not exclude the possibility of using force to control it.

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China’s military budget is three times smaller than that of the United States

The increase in China’s defense spending announced in the budget is the highest since 2019. The declared military budget is three times less than US military spending, although many foreign diplomats and experts believe Beijing’s official figures are low, Reuters notes.

Kyodo notes that the economic targets were announced at a time of growing concern about the impact Russian attack on Ukraine on the global economy. In 2021, China’s economic growth target was “more than 6%”, and according to official data, its GDP increased by 8.1% over the year.

Li spoke in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People at the session of the Chinese National People’s Congress, China’s parliament, which experts say formally approves the decisions of the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, which began on Saturday.