United States of America They are criticized for the way they withdraw Afghanistan. The world has seen dramatic images of people trying to escape for fear of Taliban revenge. Islamic fundamentalists took over the country at lightning speed. Contrary to previous assertions, they toppled the government not in months, but only hours.

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Mateusz Morawiecki on the situation in Afghanistan (16 August)

An American on Afghanistan: 20 years of American efforts in vain

About the reasons for failure United States of America And the consequences of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the editors of next.gazeta.pl spoke with the expert. a. Bohdan Sklarski, a professor at the University of Warsaw, a specialist on Americans from the Center for American Studies and a lecturer at Collegium Civitas, stresses that the decision to withdraw the United States from Afghanistan was not surprising.

Donald Trump made this decision because it was expected by both Congress and society. However, there is no doubt that the manner in which this decision was implemented should be assessed as fatal. disastrous. 20 years of what the United States was doing after winning the intervention was for nothing. The Afghan government, the army, and to some extent the community have proven that they do not want what the Americans have wanted to achieve over the years.

– He said.

The expert also emphasized that the intervention in Afghanistan, which took place 20 years ago, was a necessity. – The Americans intervened because the situation after September 11 in international politics was black and white. The United States was called into combat and responded to that call. In 2001, the evil al-Qaeda, the epicenter of terrorism, reached Afghanistan. Building an intervention coalition was not a problem. Everything that followed was the problem. Selling democracy, and even building an effective state in Afghanistan, simply did not work – the professor’s assessment. Sklarsky.

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Expert: The United States believes in “Afghani TVB Info”

The interviewee, Gazeta.pl, also assessed the possible reasons for the withdrawal of US forces. The interview may have failed, and those with intelligence may have refused to listen. The Americans did not properly acknowledge the situation. They believed in the Afghan TVP Info message, a message that was very different from the reality. Perhaps Presidents Karzag and Ghani were convinced that Afghanistan was ready because it had “on paper” the police, the troops and popular support, the expert said.

In the opinion of the American, the United States may have been reluctant to read the real situation in Afghanistan, as it would undermine their presence in the country. – Yet they spent a lot of money on this existence pieni ± dze More than 900 billion US dollars – explained the professor. Bohdan Sklarsky.

He also stressed that the main reason for the failure of the government is that it did not control the entire country. The Taliban, like other fundamentalist elements, have always been present in Afghanistan. Any state whose authority does not extend to the entire territory is, by definition, a failed state. Afghanistan Kabul has never controlled the entire region, nor can it function without outside help – Sklarsky assesses. In any case, it was when the authorities in the capital were under the control of the British and then the Russians.

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American: The world will continue to call the United States

a. Bohdan Shklersky also assessed that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was a situation in favor of authoritarian regimes. Some systems may feel more impunity.

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– It would be a little worse for the world now, because it lost its armed arm in conflicts of a lower human rank – said the American.

– What does this mean for the future? Did America put itself in danger? Not the first time and not the last. However, he said, no other player on the international stage was willing to send troops when there was a real need.

To whom shall we turn in situations that require the defense of values? lowest chin? Who will answer the call for help? We will continue to contact Washington. He said it was the only country that was and would be able to send troops in the name of values.

He also estimated that the United States would be more conservative as a result of the experience gained in Afghanistan. If they intervene, they will look for a way to share responsibility. – But the policy of the United States will not change, because it is defined by idealism, a kind of moral duty of America – he said.

Do Republicans use Afghanistan against Biden?

In the opinion of the professor. Shklersky, the situation in Afghanistan will be linked to the domestic situation in the United States. These pictures of helicopters landing on the roof of the embassy and people falling from planes are too expensive for Biden. It is like a well-known complete failure, for example, from Saigon – the assessment of the American.

Biden is now weakened and beaten. But the decision to withdraw troops and negotiations over how to bring the Taliban into Afghan politics was made by Trump, so now Republicans can’t say: I told you so. It can be argued that Trump somehow saved Joe Biden, had it not been for his decision, the incumbent would not have a chance to be reelected. This will be the end of the presidency.

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Biden is now weakened and beaten. But the decision to withdraw troops was made by Trump, so now Republicans can’t say: I told you so. You could say Trump somehow saved Joe Biden. Had it not been for his decision, the incumbent president would have had no chance of being reelected. This will be the end of the presidency – expert assessment.

Hundreds of people run alongside a US Air Force C-17 transport plane flying on the runway of Kabul Airport, Afghanistan, August 16, 2021.Afghanistan operation. US asks Poland to help with evacuation