A British student vacationing in Afghanistan has been evacuated to Dubai. The 21-year-old explained on social media that he went to Kabul because he likes “extreme” tourism, British media reported.

Miles Routledge as Birmingham, Physics studentHe had planned a trip to Kabul in May. When he found out that if he canceled his trip he would not get a refund, he decided to travel as planned. I thought he could come back sooner Taliban Kabul will be taken.

On Friday, he traveled to Afghanistan from Turkey and posted reports of his trip on social media. He was due to stay in Kabul until August 19.

When the Taliban took control of the city, he reported on Facebook that “something didn’t go as planned.” I knew what the danger was – confirmed.

General Skrzypczak: There will be peace in Afghanistan at the cost of killing

General Skrzypczak: There will be peace in Afghanistan at the cost of killing

Routledge explained on social media that he chose it A trip to AfghanistanBecause he loves “dark” and “extreme” tourism. I said to myself what is the coolest country to go to, and it’s not boring, there’s something exciting about it and it’s different – stated. I went to my search site for the ten most dangerous countries in the world – He added that he chose Afghanistan from the list.

I texted a few people, watched some YouTube videos and thought, “That’s good!” I thought the UK and US are still there, it should be very safe He said.

I like to take risks Came in an interview with The Times. I hate lying on the beach so I wanted to do something a little different. After graduation, I’ll have a full-time job and maybe a family, so I won’t be able to do these things anymore – added.

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On Tuesday, I mentioned it’s over Leaving for evacuation from KabulA few hours later, he posted a video of a plane carrying him and dozens of other people who landed in Dubai.

Happy ending: I landed in Dubai thanks to the great people in the British Army –
he wrote. He said in an interview with the BBC that he was “exhausted but relieved”.

According to BBC News, netizens have criticized Routledge for spending their holidays in a country to which British authorities have discouraged travel for more than two decades.

On social media, Routledge said he had no regrets about going to Afghanistan and “will do it again.”