Experts point to a massive influx of labor from Great Britain. British companies are already complaining of a labor shortage.

As it turned out, European workers are increasingly leaving the UK. The reason is the coronavirus pandemic and Britain’s exit from the European Union.

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and Adecco, employers are planning to hire the fastest in the last 8 years.

However, despite the slow opening of the economy and the reassurances of employment agencies, many Europeans are leaving the UK, and there is already a shortage of workers.

Estimates also show a rapid increase in the number of jobs offered in hotels, restaurants, and other entertainment venues.

According to the results of the government side, the number of employees from Western Europe and North America in the UK has fallen by half since February 2020.

The data shows that in some places there are as many as 20 jobs per candidate.

The most difficult jobs in Kent, Manchester, Cambridge and Oxford. According to Andrew Hunter, co-founder of the website for job seekers, there is intense competition for employees.

He adds, there are also fewer people from abroad who want to work in the UK.

In addition, employers can no longer benefit from attracting potential candidates from Eastern Europe.

It is estimated that more than 1.3 million workers have left the UK since 2019. Many have returned to their home countries or have sought work in other countries.

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The UK unemployment rate has stabilized in recent months, among other things thanks to the extension of the holiday until the end of September.