has become! For the first time since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in America in mid-March last year, a movie released there managed to earn $100 million. This play was a hit on John Krasinski’s show “Silent Place 2”. Unfortunately, the results for “Godzilla vs. Konga” are not known yet. So it is not clear if this movie by chance also managed to reach 100 million on Sunday.

All this indicates that “Ciche Miejsce 2” will return to its leadership position, with current estimates giving it less than $300,000 an advantage over second place in the “In The Heights” position.

The failure of the John M Choo musical was met with astonishment in Hollywood. Prior to the weekend, the film appeared to be able to gross over $20 million, which would easily make it a box office win. Meanwhile, Sunday’s estimate put “In the Heights” at just $11.4 million.

For some, this is evidence of the negative impact on Warner Bros. cinematic results. Movies direct to HBO Max. Especially like “In The Heights,” which aims to make the public more cautious about visiting the cinema during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This week’s second major premiere, “Piotruś Królik 2: Na gigancie,” debuted at number three. Unlike Australia or Great Britain in the United States, this family production is sold without large fireworks. The picture earned $10.4 million for opening, which is well within the studio’s expectations ahead of the weekend. However, this result is much worse than the debut of “Piotruś Królik” (25 million USD).

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The top ten also includes younger novices. The horror comedy House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2 debuted at number seven. The sequel to “Unfortunate Move” grossed $1 million in its first three days of running. The first part earned 4 million at the opening.

And the major comedy “Queen Bee” came in ninth place with a score of 328,000 dollars. However, this movie can be watched at home thanks to paid VOD services. It is not known how many people have used this option.

The top ten looks like this:

# title Happened over the weekend got in total A week on screen China
1 quiet place 2 $1,165 $108.99 3 3515
2 in the heights $11.41 $11.41 1 3456
3 Piotruś Królik 2: On the Colossus 10.4 dollars 10.4 dollars 1 3346
4 Attendance 3: By order of Satan $10,02 $43.77 2 3237
5 Cruella $6.7 $55.96 3 3307
6 Mustang of the Wild Valley: The Road to Freedom 2.5 dollars 10.9 dollars 2 3394
7 Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2 $1.06 $1.06 1 420
8 Angry man $0.62 $2,597 6 1207
9 Queen bee $0.33 $0.33 1 500
10 Spiral: A new chapter in the Saw . series $0.31 $22.61 5 1572

Next week, the only major premiere will hit theaters on Wednesday. Then Lionsgate will present the action comedy Bodyguard and the Professional’s Wife.