EU representatives said pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is contractually bound to meet demand for coronavirus vaccines in European Union countries – also from production at its British factories.

This, he wrote, could increase post-Brexit tensions Financial times.

Last week, there was information that the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca would reduce by more than 50 percent the supply of the vaccine to European Union countries.

According to some European officials, the company announced that it will provide only 1/4 of the doses to be delivered to the European Union in the first three months of 2021.

All because of production problems the company faced at its factories in the European Union.

However, Brussels expects AstraZeneca to fill this shortage by increasing its production in factories in the UK and from there it will supply the vaccine to the European Union countries. According to representatives of the European Union, this is part of the contract signed with the company.

According to the head of the pharmaceutical company Pascal Suriot, the delivery schedule agreed with the European Union was not a commitment, but only the most optimistic scenario.

He added that the European Union signed a vaccine supply contract with AstraZeneca three months later from the United Kingdom, leaving less time to compensate for any delays.

French company Sanofi will produce 125 million doses of Pfizer and BioNTech for the European Union