The new President of the United States is a descendant of the Seleucid Prince Przemys Iaw I Noszak – the owner of half of the Głogów at the turn of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries? – Reports portal

Magdalena Micot-Majirank has written about the historical curiosity about the origin of Joe Biden (78), the new 46th president of the United States of America.

“The history and genealogy enthusiasts of, who have recreated the family tree of the winning Democratic candidate for the post of President of the United States, have also stated that he will be a descendant of Przemiswave I Nozak, Prince of Ceeszen, Bitum and Siwir.

– We read in her material entitled “Joe Biden is a descendant of Przemislav and Nozak?”

The author explains, citing several sources, that the family tree of the new US president was built correctly and that it comes from the 18th generation of the Trendel family. Do not rule out speculation made by historians that the Biden family may have been related to the family of Simon de Filbridge, who married the daughter of Prince Cieszyn-Głogów, who was already Przemysław I Noszak.

– If it turns out that the new president of the United States is linked to the Silesian prince Przemislav I Nozak – the owner of half Głogów since the turn of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, then it can be treated as a curiosity of great caliber – says regional Dariush Zaga and briefly adds the fate of this prince and his successors.

Przemys Iaw I Noszak (Cieszyn) He lives around 1332-1336 – 1410 and is Duke of Cieszyn, Bytom and Siewier. From 1384 he ruled more than half of Głogów and Ścinawa. In 1404, Przemislav appointed the Duchy of Zhugov and Shinawa to his teenage son, in his name. This situation continued until the death of his son on January 1, 1406, when Zhugov and Shenawa returned to his rule. After his death, the crown prince fell into the hands of the only surviving son – Prince Polisوافaw.

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