President Andrzej Duda indicated at Tuesday’s meeting that the government has already decided to ease restrictions several times, but the epidemiological situation is getting worse immediately. The increasing number of COVID-19 cases has forced the government to shut down some industries again.

The President referred to the acceleration of the national immunization program, thanks to which – & nbspjak said Andrzej Duda – & nbspjak, we will overcome the epidemic faster. When can we talk about victory? The head of state indicated that the authorities were “calmly anticipating” that it would be the next vacation.

André Duda noted that in recent days, the number of SARS-CoV-2 infections has gradually decreased. However, this does not mean that the epidemic is behind us and that the government will decide to quickly open the economy, and that should be done “wisely.” The Chair indicated that some restrictions might be lifted regionally.

– You know that we cannot open everything “Hurray” because the number of cases has decreased. The President said no, we cannot do that, we must remember that we are still living in a pandemic. – & nbsp But I have no doubt that we must start this process, at least at the regional level – & nbsp added.

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The Minister of Development added that – according to the plan that Gwen will present to the government in the coming days – the retail outlets will be frozen first. According to her, major changes will take place from May 4.

From that day on, the bar gardens will also open in the restaurants. Hotels and guesthouses will be able to fill up to 50 percent. The same goes for fitness clubs and gyms.

On the other hand, Minister Michał Dworczyk – & nbsp also indicated in the meeting at & nbsp Palace – & nbsp that last week 1 & nbspmln 400,000 vaccinations were carried out. He added that new places have also been opened to vaccinate.


The KRPM chief also indicated that vaccine delivery dates have changed again. Therefore, vaccinations planned in the workplace will take effect later than planned.

Sectors such as fitness or catering and hotel services have been closed for more than half a year. There were many unfreezing activities, for example for hotels, but after a while the government reversed all mitigations and explained these decisions through the increase in SARS infection.