conducted a survey #Sfintechowani Generation – Millennials and Fintech. It appears that the vast majority of Generation Y are using banking apps on their smartphones. Over 60% of millennials surveyed cannot imagine their life without mobile banking services.

representative Generation p They are, for the most part, big smartphone enthusiasts. More than half of them (53.2%) when asked about the intensity of device usage, gave the highest numerical value, which practically means that they will not part with the phone. Only 2.9% of the respondents chose the comparable value of using a smartphone for casual communication. Median values ​​were chosen with a total of less than 44% of the respondents’ votes.

Millennials They have the vast majority Bank account. Only 3.6% of the respondents answered the question “Do you have a bank account?” In the negative. Up to 90% of respondents stated that they have a mobile banking app. In the case of customers Pekao Bank, The bank’s mobile app is 100% owned by Generation Y representatives. The same is true for people who have an account in ING Śląski BankAnd the National Bank of Paris, Paribas I Allure Bank. Clients are a little worse in this regard Santandera I Banco Millennium (P 94%), mBank (93%) and PKO BP (85%).

Bank’s mobile application? I cannot imagine my life without it

Along with the high ratings is the users’ conviction that the app plays an essential role in daily performance. In all, more than 63% of respondents stated that they “cannot imagine their life without the bank’s mobile app”.

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Search Generation #sfintechowani – Millennials and FinTech The survey was conducted by the portal in 2020 on a sample of readers born between 1980 and 2000. The survey was conducted using the Online Survey Method (CAWI).

More information can be found In the full version of the report.

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