British Health Minister Sajid Javid has warned that the UK could face a very difficult flu season. In his opinion, due to the restrictions imposed in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, people have much less immunity. – And we know that in some years, in the season of bad flu, how awful it can be – warned the Prime Minister. He added that the government is preparing to launch the largest influenza vaccination program in his country’s history.

Speaking to Sky News, UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid said the government was preparing to launch the largest flu vaccination program in UK history and stressed that for people over 50 years “flu vaccination will be just as important”. against covid.

‘Autumn is not just Covid’

In July, the British government announced that a record number of more than 35 million people will get a free flu shot this winter. The Ministry of Health, while presenting these plans, acknowledged that “the level of influenza this winter is likely to be higher.”

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Tough flu season is coming?EPA/Darren

Javid said it’s not just winter and fall that love this part of the year – they are other viruses as well – explaining that an element as important as protecting human health as preparing for the third – booster – dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is the flu vaccination programme.

– Why am I worried about this? Because in the last year, because of all the restrictions that have been put in place, we haven’t had a lot of flu cases. This means that immunity to influenza is much lower than usual. The health minister said we know that in some years, in bad flu season, how terrible it can be.

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So, in addition to continuing with the Covid vaccination program, we will have the largest flu vaccination program ever – and I would tell those who listen to it, certainly those over the age of 50, that getting a flu shot is going to be just as important, as Covid Vaccines, Sajid Javid emphasized.

Main image source: EPA/Darren