Will third party liability insurance for a car purchased in Poland be respected in the UK after Brexit?

The United Kingdom (UK) has become a third country within the meaning of EU law, so there have been major changes for travelers between the two parties that should be taken into account when planning a trip to this country. The UK National Bureau (MIB) will continue to be a member of the Green Card System, including the Multilateral Agreement. Thanks to this, the free movement of cars between countries will be preserved, without the need to carry out additional activities related to insurance protection.

Will there be disturbances?

In the initial period after the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, unrest can be expected when crossing the border between this country and the European Economic Area. Therefore, PBUK has recommended that insurers offering third party liability insurance for cars in Poland issue green card certificates to all interested parties heading to the UK.

On the other hand, when driving a UK registered vehicle into the European Economic Area, you must have a fully green card certificate – the nationality of the car owner or driver is irrelevant.

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Will the vehicle insurance provisions in the other country be respected?

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There will be no changes in the regulations for damages in traffic accidents that occur in Poland and are caused by the movement of a vehicle registered in the United Kingdom. Polish law applies to the assessment of liability for the consequences of accidents and their financial dimensions. The same applies to the settlement of claims in any other country in the European Economic Area – the law of the place of the event applies.

What about accidents in England?

There will be a big change here. From 1 January 2021, foreign nationals who have been injured in accidents in the UK have lost the opportunity to report their claims to insurance claims representatives in the UK, to settle claims upon return home and in their mother tongue, and to sue a UK insurance company in a court in your country. They will also not be able to submit their claims to the Compensation Authority (in Poland – PBUK). They will have to pursue claims directly against the offender’s insurance company or from the trust fund when the car was not insured, or they will have to pursue a dispute in the UK courts.

What should you be careful about, what documents should you have with you when driving your car to England?

From 1 October 2021, in order to travel to the UK, you must have a passport, the validity of which at the time of border control in this country may be at least six months, because from that date Poles traveling to the UK will not be able to cross the border On the basis of the identity card. When traveling to and driving in the UK by car, a driver’s license issued in an EU member state will suffice. It is also necessary to have a valid vehicle registration certificate and proof of liability insurance issued in the country where the vehicle is registered. It is also recommended to have a green card certificate. On the other hand, when coming to the UK for a purpose other than tourism, it is necessary to re-register the vehicle without undue delay after crossing the border and taking out third-party liability insurance at one of the local insurance companies.

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Are there penalties?

Yes really. Failure to comply with these obligations will result in the confiscation of the vehicle, its physical destruction, and the need to pay a fine.