Google introduces a new package for Google One. The plan went with 5 TB of space to be used first to users from the US, but soon it will also appear in Poland.

The new package in Google One is the perfect solution for those for whom 2TB is not enough, 10TB is too much

Google One is a solution that allows you to store data from various Google services in the cloud, such as Gmail, Google Photos or Google Drive.

The new package is mainly aimed at users who collect really large amounts of data in the cloud and a 2TB plan is not enough for them, while 10TB is too much.

The 5TB plan initially appeared in the US – users from Poland should be able to purchase it in the near future. When it comes to costs – 5 TB costs PLN 117.99 per month or PLN 1179.99 per year.

Google One packages still need to change – some intermediate plans are missing

Offering each additional plan to display is a good solution to match the perfect package for you as closely as possible. Google One may be used by more users whose files are counted in terabytes of data, but still There is a noticeable lack of many items among the lower packages.

Don’t you think intermediate packages are missing here?

so far The cheapest plan costs 8.99 PLN per month and offers 100 GB space. Another package is 200 GB (PLN 13.99 per month) and 2 TB (PLN 46.99 per month). Having a 500GB and 1TB display for many people would be an ideal solution. After all – if we don’t get past 500GB of data – why pay for an unused 1.5TB on a more expensive plan?

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It remains to be hoped that Google will offer additional plans for less demanding users in the future.

What do you think that? Google directs its offer to professionals instead, and individual users have to control themselves with a small choice? Let me know in the comments what you think.