The White House has warned that if imprisoned Russian dissident Alexei Navalny dies, we will arrange consequences against Russia. The European Union is also concerned about Navalny’s health. The Russian authorities do not allow the opponent to be examined by a doctor outside the penal prison in which he resides.

“We have informed the Russian authorities that they are responsible for what happens to Mr. Navalny, who is in the penal colony, and that the international community will hold her accountable,” said Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser to President Joe Biden. On CNN.

As for the specific measures that we will take, we are looking at many different costs that we may impose, but I will not announce them at this stage. However, we were informed that there would be consequences if Mr. Navalny died, he said.

First, we agreed with the European Union and many democracies that share our opinion around the world and share our position, to impose sanctions in response to what the Russian government did against Navalny in response to the use of chemical weapons against him, which Sullivan added is contrary to international law.

The European Union is also “extremely concerned” about Navalny’s health. The EU position was conveyed by the head of EU diplomacy, Joseph Borrell. He appealed to Russia to allow Nafalni immediate access to “doctors he trusted.” He stressed that “the Russian authorities are responsible for his safety and health.”

Borrell added that Navalny was arrested and thrown into the labor camp for “political reasons” and contravened Russia’s human rights obligations. He stressed that “the Navalny case is not an isolated incident, which confirms the negative trend to limit the remaining space for the opposition, civil society and independent voices in Russia.”

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On Sunday, the German government announced that the European Union foreign ministers would take up the Alexei Navalny case. Berlin and Paris vehemently attacked Vladimir Putin’s policy.

The head of German diplomacy “urgently” called on the Russian authorities to provide “appropriate” treatment to the Russian opponent, in light of the “extremely disturbing” deterioration in his health. He also demanded Navalny, who is currently being held in a camp 100 kilometers east of Moscow, “to have access to the doctors he trusts.” He added that “his right to medical assistance must be guaranteed without delay.”

According to information from Navalny’s 44-year-old doctors and supporters, the opposition’s health has seriously deteriorated after more than two weeks of hunger strike. Doctors consider it crucial.

From the medical examination results published by them, it can be concluded that Navalny suffers from heart problems and early kidney failure.

“Alexei is dying now. In his condition, it’s a matter of days,” political spokeswoman Kira Jarmis wrote on her Facebook page.

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