Since the girl was found, the police are investigating in all directions. said a spokeswoman on Wednesday morning. A sexual offense cannot be ruled out either.

“Now the witnesses must be questioned and the process must be put together like a puzzle.”
Susan Dircot, a spokeswoman for the Warndorf County Sheriff’s Office

The 13-year-old sustained only minor injuries. However, she couldn’t remember anything. The more detailed background is still blurred.

The couple found the unconscious girl

A couple learned about this bike

On Tuesday, just before 8 a.m., police were called to a small forest on the outskirts of the 12,000-strong community of Ostbevern in the Warendorf district. A couple first discovered an abandoned bike and backpack on the side of the road, then tied up the 13-year-old girl 50 meters away in the woods.

The rescue service has been alerted. He took the girl to a hospital in Münster. For tactical reasons, the Warndorf police spokeswoman, Susan Dirkot, did not want to provide any additional information on how the girl was found.

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