The BP concern acknowledged that nearly a third of its stations had run out of the two main types of fuel, and the Fuel Resellers Association (PRA), which represents nearly 5,500 independent stations, has announced about that. Members have reported that their reserves are running out, and the rest will soon follow.

Operation Escalin – Unleashing Troops

On Monday, September 27, the Prime Minister will meet with his advisers to find a solution to the current situation in the UK relating to the chaos at petrol stations. It is possible that because of the crisis, the so-called escalin process. This is a tough Brexit plan that was prepared a few years ago, and envisages the use of the military in the event of chaos in various sectors of the economy. As recent days have shown, Great Britain is on the brink of such a crisis. The first talks on this matter took place on Sunday, September 26.

For now, before the government mobilizes forces to replace missing drivers, fuel companies will be temporarily exempted from competition law for sharing information and improving supply. The government acknowledged that there were “some problems in the supply chain” but noted that there was still “a lot of fuel” at refineries and stations. Such a move would make it easier for companies “to share information, making it easier for them to prioritize fuel delivery to the most disadvantaged parts of the country and strategic locations,” according to the Guardian report.

All because of panic in the country

The government blames the media and UK residents themselves for the current situation. According to the ministers, if society behaves normally, the true scale of the fuel shortage will be insignificant and imperceptible, and the lack of drivers will have a marginal impact on the situation in Rakaju. Only media reports have caused nationwide panic and caused several kilometers of traffic jams in front of UK gas stations. The PRA reported that demand at one service station increased 500 percent on Saturday. compared to the previous week.

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