BlizzConline will be held this weekend, and we’ll likely see Diablo 2 Remaster among others. However, IP supporters of the product have to “lower their expectations”, because at this event we will not receive much loud advertisements.

Blizzard is still unable to invite players to the benchmark BlizzCon, so BlizzConline is scheduled for Friday. This is the digital version of the event that takes place We have to hear interesting information about Diablo. Bobby Kotick Stated surprises for fans of this IP.

Metro_OW also talked about the event, systematically providing Overwatch fans with details about heroes, and also mentioning other announcements. According to the informant, Players must lower expectations about the event as Diablo 2 Remaster will be revealed.

We can suspect that Metro_OW’s lack of enthusiasm for the event is due to one fact: the whistleblower specializes in reporting news about Blizzard’s online shooter, and we can assume we won’t learn many details about the situation. It should be noted, however, that the detective confirms working on the Overwatch release in the form of free-2-play (rumors of changing the business model have been circulating on the web for a long time), but it is possible that the new version will not be introduced this week.

Will you see BlizzConline? We invite you to attend PPE – our editorial office will prepare a full report on the event. The conference will start on Friday at 23:00.