Deputy Minister of Education and Science Włodzimierz Bernacki explained that the change in degrees of publications in scientific journals aims to prevent the loss of some rights by universities. He added that the dismissal of Deputy Minister Anna Podzanowska had nothing to do with this change.

Last week, the Ministry of Education published an expanded new list of scholarly journals and peer-reviewed material from international conferences. The updated list has sparked live reactions among the scientific community.

The published list of grade journals includes 73 that have not been addressed or recommended by the Science Assessment Committee. In the case of 237 journals, an increased degree appeared, which was also not consulted with the committee.

On Wednesday, the Deputy Minister of Education and Science was asked in Sygnały Dnia about the change in the list, he said, “The perspective appropriate for the ministry differs slightly from that of individual journalists.”

He explained that in January 2022, individual universities will be evaluated. The increase in the degrees of scientific publications – as the Deputy Minister continued – leads to the fact that there are the fewest possible cases in which universities lose their rights, for example regarding the freedom to decide on fields of study, including doctoral studies or the award of academic degrees, and the limitation Cases in which universities reduce subsidies.

“(…) In fact + adding + points to individual journals gives an opportunity for this evaluation to go in such a direction that there will be the least possible number of cases of loss of rights held by universities,” – he said.

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The Deputy Minister also pointed to some doubts that had been raised about theology, for example regarding growing points in this area of ​​writing. He noted that it is an equal field of science.

“ However, if someone has doubts, though, he should remember that universities also (…) with theology as part of their work, or even universities, such as the Catholic University of Lublin, or the Pontifical University (John Paul The second) in Krakow – PAP) or Ignatianum “- said the deputy minister.

KEN member, Doctor Love. Emmanuel Kolczycki, after announcing the changes in the score, indicated that many Polish journals have increased in the humanities, social and theological sciences, such as the “Bulletin of the Association of Alumni and Friends of the Catholic Law School of Lublin University” (from 20 to 70) or 40 points out of 100 points) , “The Church and the Law” (20 to 70 points). In his opinion, “the criterion for addition in this situation to get out of the situation and increase the degree is + importance to the scientific community, importance to heritage and discipline + and + evaluation of certain environments +”.

And as the Deputy Minister explained in the signals today, Wednesday, scholars from theological colleges score points, but they are not allowed “to publish in journals with a history or philosophy character because they get zero points.”

He explained that “if they get zero points, their universities will also get zero, so the ministry’s perspective is the perspective of the entire system of universities’ work, not just individual journals, not individual scholars. “

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He added that much of the scores in use so far have been made from an exact and applied science perspective. He also admitted that the resignation of Deputy Minister of Education and Science Anna Podzanovskaya last week had nothing to do with the changes in the list of magazines. “The information that Minister Anna Podzanowska left was information much earlier than the issue of registering individual magazines (…) This concept, which appeared in the media, has nothing to do with reality,” – he noted.

KEN member, Doctor Love. Kulczycki was the first to announce the resignation of Deputy Minister of Education and Science Anna Budzanowska. “Deputy Minister Anna Podzanowska informed the Science Assessment Committee that she has resigned and will not work in the Ministry of Education and Science as of February 15 of this year, indicating that universities may question the legality of the evaluation based on the list that was published,” he wrote on Twitter.

The Ministry of Education and Science denied Kulczycki’s information. Commenting on his message on social media, he stated that “Mrs. Anna Podzanowska’s resignation was approved a few weeks ago. It is misused to link this fact to the issue of the magazine list.”

The new list is available at: 7DbQUcqqm7DbQUcqs (PAP)

Author: Klaudia Torchała

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