Carolina Denhardt, Managing Director of the International Transactions Group at Lindabury, McCormick, Estabrook & Cooper, PC was a guest of the Polish government and a speaker at the recent European Economic Forum in Poland.

As President of the Polish North American Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Dehnhardt focuses on connecting start-ups and established companies with their counterparts in the United States and Poland. I talked about the possibilities of investment in Poland by American companies and Polish companies in the United States.

“The pandemic has actually made the world a smaller world,” said Carolina Denhard. “People sitting in front of their computers can communicate with professionals from different sectors around the world, bringing the concept of global business closer.”

During the conference, Ms. Dehnhard spoke about her experience thus far in promoting business development in South Korea, Spain, Ireland and Cuba by participating in Leading Women Entrepreneurs, an organization that ranked her as one of the top 25 women entrepreneurs in New Jersey. Outline a business plan for companies to work with professionals around the world to expand their businesses.

Ms. Dehnhard also stressed the importance of understanding that doing business between different countries requires the cooperation of different private and political councils. The panel discussion at the conference was attended by specialists from the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, the Government of the Republic of Poland and private agencies that play a major role in this type of transaction.

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She emphasized that access to the financing available through the European Union is the basis for the interest of American companies to do business in Poland. She also commented, “We have made significant progress in cooperating with recognized institutions in Poland and partners in the funding application process. Given these relationships, this is the best time to consider US customers producing or selling any service or product in Poland.”

The 30th Economic Forum under the theme “Europe is looking for leadership” was held in Karpacz in southwestern Poland. More than 3,000 people attended the event, including representatives of the Polish government and guests from abroad. The Forum is the largest meeting platform in Central and Eastern Europe and offers discussions on security, economic development prospects, current challenges, crisis management and specific solutions.

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