3 Maja Street in Włocławek is to become woonerf – a safe, multifunctional and attractive urban space with references to local traditions. On Tuesday 12 October 2021, a contract was signed to prepare project documents for this project.

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Won the design competition studio from Warsaw
Works for the architectural competition “3 Maja Street wonerfem” were submitted by teams from Warsaw, Chorzow and Szczecin. All submitted works meet the formal requirements. We learned about the results of the competition in May 2021. The project submitted by Pracownia Sawawa from Warsaw won.

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– The basic assumptions of the winning project Pracownia Sawawa from Warsaw were: to protect and showcase the historical space of 3 Maja Street by emphasizing its urban and architectural values, to create a friendly and safe area for all street users and to create a multifunctional representative and attractive urban space, which will contribute to the revitalization of service partners and interiors For the quarters of the buildings functionally connected to 3 Maja Street and Śródmieście – Włocławek Town Hall informed after the competition ended.

Let us remind you that the winner of the architecture competition “Ulica 3 Maja woonerfem”, in addition to the monetary prize, also had the opportunity to negotiate a contract for the preparation of design documentation for the stated task.

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