in June guilds Advertise both GMB Professional and Unite 700 ground strikes for British Airways crew – Dealing primarily with tickets and baggage clearance – since the carrier has not withdrawn the 10% pay cut that was introduced during the pandemic. The strike will exacerbate problems at the UK’s most important airport due to staff shortages.

agreement to increase

According to the agreement concluded on Friday, employees will receive An increase of 8 percentOnce RewardsAnd the Extra wage recovery for irregular changes. As pointed out by Unite, the bid to be paid in phases is worth the total 13 percent

Regardless, they also came to an agreement on increases Refueling workers at Heathrow Airportwho were due to go on strike this weekend. On Wednesday, Unite put on hold a strike plan over a new payment offer from refueling planes comp Jet Fuel Services (AFS), workers said on Friday approved it. The contract states that 12.5% ​​wage increaseAnd the Increase overtime rates On weekends and £2500 bonus.

From London Bartłomiej Niedziński