One wounded and three arrested – these are the consequences of a battle that took place at Disney World in the United States. A conflict erupts between two families who were queuing for a show starring Mickey Mouse.

The brawl occurred Wednesday night at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Fight in amusement park

Two families involved in the fight stood in line waiting for a Mickey Mouse show at the Mickey Filhar Magic Theatre. It was about someone dropping the line at some point because he forgot to take the phone out of the car. When she wanted to join her family members, an argument started. Apparently, the people standing nearby thought the matter was getting out of hand.

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At first there was a verbal skirmish, then a quarrel. The conflict got so bad that a fight with at least 10 people, members of two families, finally ensued.

The event was recorded by several witnesses, and the recording was circulated all over the network.

As a result of the fighting, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, one person was injured and three were detained.

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