UKE is informed of significant changes since 1 January for users of telecom services. & nbspall through Brexit and & nbsp the end of the transition period in EU relations with the United Kingdom.

“From January 1 2021, the rules for providing services in & nbsproaming in the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland) will change, in addition to international calling services and sending SMS messages from & nbspPoland to UK users” – & nbspsproaming in the UK United & nbspcom.

These changes may affect the rights and obligations of existing subscribers and contractors after January 1, 2021.

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UKE will consider the operators

From the new year, in the case of roaming services, no restrictions apply to the amount of the additional service fee. The principle of “Roam like at Home” will not apply, that is, providing services without additional fees in addition to the local price.

In connection with this, customers of mobile operators must be informed, among others, of changes, new prices and terms of services offered. The head of the UKE indicates that he is monitoring the market situation and will analyze the actions taken by individual suppliers in terms of identifying potential violations of national law and EU regulations.


“Starting in the beginning of January, the President of UKE will exercise his rights under the telecommunications case, with the aim of protecting subscribers. An in-depth analysis of compliance with all obligations under the law will be conducted by the mobile network operators providing the services, using the means and tools of the UKE President” – & nbspczytamy in & nbspczytamy in & nbspczytamy.

Theory and practice


This means that for calls made to England, Scotland or Northern Ireland, we will pay somewhat the same cost as for calls made to Serbia, Switzerland, Montenegro or Russia.

specially? The cost of a phone call from & nbspPoland to someone who lives in & nbspPoland is 4.94 PLN per minute. If Kowalski goes to the islands on a tour and his neighbor calls him, he will pay 2.02 PLN per minute to take such a call.


Messages sent abroad will also become more expensive. The cost of SMS is 1.51 PLN, and nbspMMS – & nbsp doubled, that is, 3.03 PLN.

The other major operators have already reported similar changes.

They looked