A sonic blast from two Bundeswehr fighters woke up several people in the Rhön district on Saturday night. Police in eastern Hesse initially suspected an ATM machine had been blown up.

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Eurofighters drivers wake people up in Rhön

A view of two DA1 and DA5 Eurofighters during a test flight (undated archive photo).

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The sound blast from two Eurofighters caused an uproar Saturday night. In the Rhone, many people woke up to the sound of an explosion, also in the state of Hesse.

As a spokesperson for police headquarters in East Hesse confirmed to HR, several concerned residents called the police around 2 a.m. due to the blast, including from Helders (Fulda).

“Superflight” with the loud explosion that happened tonight around 02:00 AM
# Low Franconia
Heard, it was the so-called
#loud voice
. The reason for this is a brief interruption of the aircraft’s radio communication, which can be re-established.

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Since an ATM was reported to have exploded in Klein Ohim (Main-Kinzig) around the same time, officials initially suspected that the machine in Helders might have exploded as the cause of the explosion. The police spokesman said the review showed that was not the case. There were quick indications that it could be a sonic boom.

The Air Force sent out alert teams

As an Air Force spokesperson said, the two Eurofighter planes started as an alert team after it was initially not possible to contact an Airbus A320 that was traveling from Turkey towards North Rhine-Westphalia. The two planes had taken off from the air base in Neuburg an der Donau in Bavaria. But after a short time, the civilian Airbus was identified and the full statement was given.

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