The author of the text, Daniel Benjamin, somehow refers to the new American leader to the actions he must take against – according to the commentator – the growing tendencies of authoritarian leaders such as Viktor Orban or Yaroslav Kaczynski in Europe.

President-elect Joe Biden promised to host the major “Democracy Summit” in his first year in office as part of the fight against global erosion of democracy and reversed President Donald Trump’s attitude toward authoritarian leaders. Biden condemned, as he said in the study published on the January 5, 2019 speech, “the rapid advancement of authoritarianism, nationalism and illiberal tendencies around the world – not only in Russia and China, but also among our allies such as Turkey, the Philippines, and Hungary.”

“When Biden takes office, there is a clear need for innovative and dynamic policies to confront authoritarianism and defend democracy,” Benjamin asserts. However, he also emphasized that the US President should focus earlier on Europe. As enemies, the commentator refers to the Prime Minister of Hungary and the Chairman of the Law and Justice Party, Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski of Poland.

Biden could deal a heavy blow to the spread of tyranny with one simple step in the first weeks of his term: He must send a clear message to the most important politicians in Europe who are undermining democratic norms – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban with the party Vidsz party and de facto Polish leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski of Law and Justice Party “- refers to the author of the text.

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What message are you talking about? “The United States fully supports recent efforts by most of the European Union to punish other members who do not adhere to the rule of law. It can do so in any way – through a speech he or his foreign minister gives, at a press conference with the EU leadership, or Via phone calls to the leaders of these countries – preferably not through a tweet. Only in this case, Biden should make it clear that the United States is prepared to support any additional action by the European Union to increase political pressure on Budapest and Warsaw, ”the author explains in Politico. .

Poland and Hungary were sentenced to the United States?

He also believes that the situation is difficult for “authoritarian leaders”. As he points out, “They should worry about popular support, and it will be difficult to endure political isolation for the population of Poland and Hungary.”

“The European Union remains very popular with Hungarians and Poles – not just because of the enormous sums of money that it makes. In addition, the positive evaluation of the United States in these countries exceeds the US ratings in most other European countries” – Daniel Benjamin wrote, indicating Warsaw and Budapest are doomed by Washington, even if they press governments over the rule of law. The commentator asserts that close cooperation with Russia, for example, with regard to these two countries, is unacceptable.

Benjamin explains why the new US administration should focus on putting pressure on Poland and Hungary, even though these two countries are not superpowers, but rather two middle countries only. “One of the main reasons is that Hungary and Poland have opened a dangerously attractive path to others in Europe. In recent years, political leaders in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy and elsewhere have dealt with civilization and the proud Hungarian model of its leader calling for“ illiberal democracy. ”The transmission is a clear signal. Now it will appear to all potential apostates that the United States takes democratic politics more seriously than it has in the recent past and that its elections will have real consequences.

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