A video posted from the last meters of the K2 going online. The video clip was posted on social media by one of the climbers – Suna Sherpa.

In the video, you can watch ten Sherpas walk side by side to the K2 summit, singing the Nepalese National Anthem.

We are honored to share this moment with communities around the world – Sherpa writes.

Let us remind you that the historic ascent of 8,000 people, which was not reached in the winter, took place on January 16 at 16.58 PMT (12.58 CET) 10 NepaleseSherpa From three commercial flights: Borja, Mingma Jiali Sherpa, Gilji Sherpa, Mingma David Sherpa, Suna Sherpa, Mingma Tenzi Sherpa, Bim Chery Sherpa, Dawa Temba Sherpa, Kelly Pemba Sherpa e Dawa Tinging Sherpa.

Historical work. K2 was caught in the winter!

It was known from the start of the expedition that its participants would use oxygen, but at first it was not clear if any of them entered without the oxygen support. Later it turned out that this was done by Nirmal Borga.

This ex-soldier from the elite unit of the Special Forces of the Royal Navy of Great Britain descended earlier in the history of global Himalayan climbing after having obtained all 14 eight thousand.

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The safety of my team has always been my top priority. So far I have led 20 successful expeditions and all of my team members have returned home just as they left home, that is, without losing their toes and toes. This time I took the chance and climbed up without extra O2. My confidence and knowledge of the strength, abilities of my body and the experience I gained while climbing 14 x 8000 allowed me to keep pace with the rest of the team while I was a pioneer. – he wrote.

K2 (8611 AD) in Karakoram is being Another eight thousandOn which a man stood in the winter. So far the top, In the dialect of the peoples of this region, it is called Chuguri (“the vast mountain”) and Chinese – Quqir (“the great mountain”), Seven expeditions during the winter. It was first attacked in early 1987 and 1988. The Head of the International Group was a pioneer in the winter Himalayan mountaineering Andre Zawadeh.

Polish mountaineers around the winter ascent of K2: Great Sherpa Bow!