The French Ministry of Health said that France has reported the first confirmed case of the new coronavirus, which was first detected in the United Kingdom.

The case is for a French citizen living in England and leaving London for Tours, France, on December 19.

He is currently isolating himself at home and he is said to be fine.

The New variableDubbed VUI-202012/01, it has alarmed experts and global leaders as it is believed to be up to 70% more transmissible – meaning it could spread faster.

After identifying the variable in the south-east of England, countries around the world quickly scrambled to close their borders with the United Kingdom and prevent them from reaching their citizens.

France imposed Some of the strictest travel restrictions are for travelers in the UK, preventing carriers from crossing the canal in the lead up to Christmas and causing chaos in Dover Port.

Tuesday evening, the British and French governments Reached an agreement To allow the resumption of rail, air and sea services for French citizens or residents, or for urgent reasons such as carriers transporting goods.

They are now allowed to cross the border if they have a negative coronavirus test.

However, the new case discovered by the French health authorities entered France before the travel ban was imposed.

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New COVID Variant Become ‘Dominant’

Earlier this week, French Health Minister Olivier Ferrand admitted that it was “entirely possible” that the new alternative was already in circulation in the country, although officials had found no evidence at the time.

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Cases of the new variant have also been confirmed in Denmark, Italy, Gibraltar, the Netherlands and Australia.

Although it is thought to spread faster, there is no evidence yet that the new variant causes more serious disease or is able to evade vaccines.