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Google announces Fresh look for search results for your mobile search engine for Android and iOS devices. The purpose of the changes is to improve clarity and facilitate text selection.

Cosmetic changes are mainly in preparation. The redesign of the Google search results interface aims to have recipients focus their eyes on the details rather than the appearance of the page and the frames surrounding the text. Some elements will be underlined so that users can find the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. In part, Google will also reduce the size of shadows so that the results occupy a larger portion of the screen.

The text will be larger and some information in bold to facilitate identification. Google explains that in this way the human eye will interact faster with content. Previously, the developers believed that using darker colors would help speed up the content analysis process. Ultimately, the analyzes showed that focusing content, rendering images, and preparing a light background worked better.

The new interface is also based on more rounded frames. This will also appear in the search results. Thumbnails or icons will also be rounded. These types of solutions have always been associated with Google apps so it was only a matter of time until search results began to appear the same.

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