Germany is threatened by uncomfortable weeks and months! Climate activists already hit this weekend:

► In Wilhelmshaven on Friday, several hundred supporters of the “Ende Gelände” group occupied the site of the construction of the planned plant, which will be used to supply Germany with much-needed liquid gas from the winter.

About 400 climate activists were paralyzed yesterday in the port of Hamburg and occupied the only railway line leading to the container terminal.

Is this just the beginning of a “hot autumn” in which climate activists protest against gas imports and coal-fired power plants, as well as dissatisfied citizens against the explosion in energy costs?

Foreign Minister Annalina Barbuk, 41, the Greens, warned of “popular uprisings”. And 65 percent of people in Germany expect protests and mass unrest in the fall and winter (INSA, 1,001 participants Friday).

One reason: 51 percent fear they will no longer be able to pay their bills in the winter. 56% say their economic situation has deteriorated this year. The new gas surcharge (in effect from 1 October) has not yet been billed.

Photo: BUILD

Alexander Dobrendt (52) the leader of the regional group of the Christian Christian Union now called for no additional taxation to be imposed on the tax. “The additional gas cost should be VAT exempt,” Dobrindt told BILD am SONNTAG.

“If the federal government does not trust itself to enforce VAT exemption in Europe, it should simply reduce the gas surcharge by 20 percent to prevent additional burdens.”

This article is from BILD am SONNTAG. The entire edition e-paper is available over here.

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