The easing of restrictions in Great Britain, announced in January, will be felt by travelers from Friday. Since February 11, the rules for entering this country have changed. The facilities will apply to both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

In the first case, the obligation to test for the presence of coronavirus on arrival in the UK will be revoked. Since the pre-travel and post-arrival quarantine request has already been canceled, this means that the only travel requirement is to complete the location form prior to arrival.

What are the rules for full vaccination?

On the other hand, people who are not fully vaccinated will have to take a PCR test on arrival, not two as is the case so far. They also won’t need to stay in quarantine for 10 days, unless they test positive. They still need to test negative for the presence of the coronavirus – PCR or antigen – within two days before arriving and completing the resettlement form.

The changes took effect today from 4.00. It concerns the whole of the United Kingdom, where we can see an improvement in the state of the epidemic. Over the past seven days, a total of 463.5 thousand were detected. infections. It’s over 25 percent. Less than the previous seven days.

Let us remind you that in January, all restrictions that had been imposed in connection with the pandemic were lifted in England. February 8 Prime Minister Boris Johnson It was announced that the requirement to isolate those infected with the Coronavirus would be lifted a month earlier than the planned date, that is, at the end of February. The lifting of the isolation requirement only applies to England, where the authorities of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland independently decide the pace of lifting restrictions at home.

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