The seventh curling session in the men’s championship is behind us. Great Britain strengthened to second place in the table, the United States still counted in the struggle for the semi-finals, and the Italians won their first Olympic victory.

In the most even match of the seventh session, the Italian national team, which has not won any match so far, played against Switzerland. The first parts of the game are played point. When the Swiss won by two blocks, after four finishes, with a score of 2:2, the Italians responded with a three in the next round. Seventh, to the end ended without a point. Representatives of the Apennine Peninsula, determined by more defeats, won in the eighth and ninth rounds and with a score of 4: 8, Helvetion recognized the superiority of their opponents. For Switzerland, defeat means complications in the struggle to rise to the next role. They are still third after five matches, but have faced teams from Canada and the Russian Olympic Committee.

In the remaining matches, Great Britain with Denmark won with confidence, and it is clear that the United States outperformed the host country. The Britons confidently won the first finish by two points, then knocked out all the stones from the house in the second half. The same scenario was repeated in the third and fourth ends and the British players were confident with a score of 4-0. The next three matches were played by a point, until the eighth finish, which the Danes lost by three stones. With a score of 2:8, the Scandinavians decided there was no point in playing the next endings and finished the match twice before the end. In the match between the Americans and China, the two teams took turns winning at the end in which they had the last stone. The difference, however, is that the host nations won their rounds by one point, while the Americans collected two or three points for their victories. The match ended with a score of 8: 6 for the Americans

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UK vs Denmark 8: 2

US – China 8:6

Switzerland – Italy 4: 8